A professional quality decal kit for hardwood sport floor surfaces. Basketball-Proof, Non-Slip, coated decals, that meet the new NCAA basketball committee rules for “consistent surface”. This means COURTDECALS can be used ANYWHERE on the playing court! COURTDECALS are safe, easy to apply, and come in any size!


Are COURTDECALS permanent?

COURTDECALS are semi-permanent floor decals that are were developed so they could be removed from your court surface. If you want a permanent logo on your court surface it should be painted. COURTDECALS can be used for weekend tournmants, holiday classics, or entire seasons if maintained properly. They are excellent for covering up old logos or advertisements that have been painted on your court and need to be changed-out.


How does it work?

Send us your artwork and a custom COURTDECAL kit will be shipped to your facililty. Each kit includes the COURTDECAL (floor graphic), COURTDECAL PREP (cleaning solution), COURTDECAL GUARD (protective coating), squeegee applicator, synthetic pad applicator, masking tape, and instructions.



A cleaning solution that is used to clean the existing floor surface to ensure your floor decal adheres properly. It can be used on floors with waterborne or oil-modified coatings. It will not damage your surface. COURTDECAL PREP should also be used to clean your decal prior to application of COURTDECAL GUARD.



A glossy, slip-resistant, protective decal coating that was engineered to be consistent with your existing waterborne or oil modified hardwood sport floor finish. It is a liquid clear coat that is applied over your decal using the syntheic pad included in your kit. COURTDECAL Guard dries quickly and is ready to play on after 6-8 hours of dry time!


How is a COURTDECAL installed? (a thumb drive instructional video is included in your kit)

When you receive your kit, unpack your COURTDECAL and place it on a flat surface for one hour prior to installation. Clean the court surface by removing any dirt, dust, or grit. Then spray COURTDECAL PREP on the court surface where your decal is to be installed and wipe using a microfiber towel or mop. Allow COURTDECAL PREP to dry 5-10 minutes. Measure the exact location on the floor you want your decal installed. With your COURTDECAL in place, facing up, fasten it to the floor using a strip of blue tape. Flip half the decal over and remove the wax backing. Beginning at the center of the decal, squeegee it to the floor’s surface. Follow the same steps and squeegeee the second half of your decal onto the court surface. Remove the application tape which covers and protects your decal. Mask the edges of your decal with blue tape and apply one coat of COURTDECAL GUARD with the synthetic pad applicator included in you kit. Allow COURTDECAL GUARD to dry 6-8 hours before you play. How do I avoid getting COURTDECAL GUARD on my existing court surface? After your COURTDECAL is squeegeed onto your court surface you should mask the edges of the decal using blue tape. If your COURTDECAL requires a contour cut line around the artwork there will be several inches of extra vinyl run-off beyond the contour cut line. This allows you to coat over your entire logo and onto the run-off vinyl (or blue tape). Peel the run-off vinyl off the floor (or blue tape) after COURTDECAL GUARD dries.


When can you play on the COURTDECAL?

Allow COURTDECAL GUARD to dry for 6-8 hours then peel off the run-off vinyl (or blue tape) and your decal is ready for Basketball, Volleyball, or other court sports action!


How is a your COURTDECAL removed?

Just grab an edge with your finger nail and peel it off the floor. If you notice any of the floor finish underneath the decal lifting or peeling – stop and use a heat gun to remove the remainder of the decal. Do not tear off quickly. Remove the decal slow and pay attention to the gym floor surface underneath to prevent damage.


Are COURTDECALS re-usable?

After your COURTDECAL has been peeled off the floor it can no longer be used and should be discarded.


How do I clean my COURTDECAL?

Clean your gym floor surface as you normally do every day however avoid running auto-scrubbers over your COURTDECAL. Do not wet mop your COURTDECAL because moisture can get under your decals edges which may cause delamination. You can dry mop your COURTDECAL using the same mop used on the gym floor. You can aslo clean your decal using the COURTDECAL PREP. Spray and wipe using a microfiber flat mop or microfiber towel.


After you order your COURTDECAL kit email your artwork to


If your custom COURTDECAL size is not listed on our site please contact for a quote.  Custom sizes, large center logos, and die-cut decals can be created for your custom COURTDECAL!


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