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VECTORIZE MY LOGO — Hand-traced, production-ready vector logos in 24 hours!


If you want to buy a mop, but don’t have a vector file of your school’s logo — we can now hand-trace and vectorize it within 24 hours!


Many customers only have a raster/bitmap image of your logo which gets blurry and pixelates when enlarged to your mop size.   Most of our mop bases are large sized and require a vector file so your logo prints perfectly.  Since vector logos are made up of lines and curves defined by mathematical algorithms, they can be scaled to any size without losing quality of resolution.


Vector files are the ideal file type for creating graphics that need to be resized, such as logos used on our Promops, Courtdecals, Flytraps, and even basketball court design.


Our vectorizing process is still done by hand-tracing around your logo using a mouse, and creating points and curves on a computer screen.  Each color is done individually and grouped so colors can easily be edited.  When completed your logo can be enlarged to any size without loss of resolution.  Our process includes up to four hours of tracing time for one logo.  If your logo is complex, and requires additional tracing time, you will be notified before we begin.


Upon completion you will receive 3 copies of your logo emailed in vector format (AI, EPS, & PDF).



After you purchase VECTORIZE MY LOGO email your raster/bitmap logo to:




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