AQUADEFENDER™ Wood Floor Seal is designed to seal and minimize grain raise, while providing a level, high-build base.

The exceptional gloss and clarity of this formula enhances the depth of AQUADEFENDER Wood Floor Finish.


Characteristics: High build, Fast drying, Easy to apply, Non-yellowing, Non-offending odor, VOC compliant – VOC’s do not exceed 250 grams per liter.


Recommended For: Basketball, Racquetball, Volleyball, Multi-Purpose, Stages, Aerobics, Dance Floors


Coverage: 500 square feet per gallon


Open Time: Excellent; ideal for large gym floors


Dry Time: 2-3 hours


Cure Time: 80% after 24 hours; 100% after 1 week


Leveling: Excellent, with great open time and flow


Application Tools: T-Bar Applicator


Packaging: 5 gallon pail

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