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THE CLASSIC-XL is a 60 inch wide floor mop! The Microcleanze Fringe slips onto the wire frame quickly. The aluminum handle clips onto the metal frame and you’ll be up and running in just minutes.

The CLASSIC-XL 60″ is a complete mop kit and features a 60″ heavy duty aluminum Quick-Lock handle, steel wire base, and 60″ Microcleanze Fringe Attachment.

MICROCLEANZE FRINGE PAD ATTACHMENT (60 inches) is for daily dry dusting.

Microcleanze fabric picks up ten times more dust, dirt, and grit than traditional cotton mops. It removes bacteria by more than 70% compared to traditional mops. Research has shown that mopping with microcleanze fabric reduces heavy lifting and problematic body positions that can contribute to back injuries. Each pad is washable up to 300 times!

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