20″ DEFENDER™ Blue Pads – case of 10


THE DEFENDER™ BLUE PAD is a stiff, blue non-woven thin pad. The pad has an open surface configuration and a unique “crusty” feel due to grain being applied to the first few layers of the surface. The center of the pad is designed to soften the abrasion. THE DEFENDER™ BLUE PAD removes a minimum amount of finish and leaves a fine “haze free” scratch that is not visible through the new coats of finish. The scratch pattern is sufficient to promote adhesion to the next coat of finish. It was specifically developed for between coat preparation of waterborne finishes, however it can be used for all types of finish. THE DEFENDER™ BLUE PAD is aggressive for knock down grain raise and removes small amounts of “trash” from properly dried sealers and finishes. It is also safe for use on game line paints, large painted borders, and keys.

Case of 10 pads